Teachers Leaning on Teachers

Maize School district shares teacher-created resources to enhance the effectiveness of learning communities in a digital environment. Kindergarten through 12th grade teachers have been working together to create a database of all their best teacher created resources and activities, in order to enhance learning in a digital environment.

At Maize it was decided that by defining methods used to get things done and by providing organizational consistency, we could enhance continual improvement and student achievement. Utilizing a common location in Blackboard to access best practices was found to enhance and develop the philosophy of continued growth for both teachers and students.

The implementation of PLC time throughout the district has provided a vehicle for teachers to collaborate and share their ideas of "what really works" for student achievement and continual growth. It has also created a "community of learning" and sharing within the district (Eaker, DuFour R, & DuFour R, 2002).

Session Resources

Raising Tech Savvy Teachers - Laptop Institute 2007

One of the biggest problems we faced when rolling out the use of laptops and other technologies in our school district was a staff resistant to change. As a result, our district focused on building an array of resources to help teachers become proficient users of technology, so they could transform their teaching to incorporate appropriate technologies into their lessons. We have had 6 years of experience in helping our teachers learn to use laptops as management and learning tools. Our hope is that sharing our experiences in going through this process will assist those of you who are just at the beginning stages.

"This little thing can be thought of as "a seed", or you could think of it as a reality seed."
from Kaizen Philosophy

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